At Texatronics, we understand the need for fast prototyping.  We have proven quick-turn prototype experience specializing in complex electronic assembly.  Using skilled manual assemblers, supported by a dedicated SMT Prototype line, we are confident that we can help you launch your  product to market faster.

Commercial & Consumer Assembly Communication, Industrial, Computer Peripherals & High-Tech Devices

Texatronics provides competitive turnkey contract manufacturing services, including materials procurement, PCB assembly, electro/mechanical assembly, in-circuit testing, functional testing, AOI, box build sub/system build, and dock-to-stock distribution.  Our complete turnkey services will help you get your products to market faster and save you money.

Military, Aerospace, & Medical Assembly

For OEMs serving the military, aerospace, and medical markets, we offer a dedicated manufacturing team, certified, and trained for IPC 610A Class 3 workmanship.

Offshore Assembly

Texatronics offers offshore services in Vietnam.  Program management and process development will be handled by our US operations and then transferred offshore for production. We can offer offshore pricing with domestic quality and service.