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Texatronics has invested in quality control with state-of-the-art systems that enable real-time gathering of quality data. Texatronics integrates quality into the process instead of just testing for it when the product is complete. Our quality information system supports continuous process improvement and monitors quality throughout the process. Customers can be confident that every product is produced to meet the most demanding specification. View our ISO-9001:2000 Certification.

Texatronics continuous improvement program:

Our quality board reviews our program on a weekly basis and the evaluation is data driven. The data is reviewed to determine if there is a need for additional resources in process, personnel training or new equipment. The process is then tracked to monitor progress. The Program Manager and a dedicated Customer Quality Engineer collect and analyze field related failures and complaints. It is in this manner that Texatronics’ management utilizes quality data for continuous improvement. We also maintain a comprehensive internal audit system and schedule audits at least twice a year. In addition, Texatronics has a 100 % final visual inspection process. Our corrective action program addresses external suppliers and subcontractors, customer complaints, and internal company issues.
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